Still having issues

Having issues with my recording. Got lots of footage via Lol recorder but can’t record that because fraps keeps having frame rate issues 😦


Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the CullenGamesInc (CGI) blog!

My name is Tom aka Deathmuffins in most of the games I play (which isn’t alot atm but will be picking up soon!)

First off I would like to start by thanking you for joining me on my journey of gaming wonderment! Means alot, really, honestly it does…… I mean it…… fine don’t believe me -.- lol (off the beaten track already O.o)

Anyways I’m rambling on now so I will get straight to business 😀

Got a few sites and stuff up and running now for you to check out and sub/follow etc

My Twitter (I will post alot on there hopefully :P)

My Youtube (video posts will be done here ofcourse)

Mobafire Profile (see what guides and builds for League of Legends champions I produce here)

If you need to message me or get in contact with me sub on youtube and leave me a message or follow me on twitter and I will follow back 🙂 then you can DM me all you like.

I will over time accumulate more URLs etc. but till then there are the main bits I will be posting on (I do plan on making a livestream/blogtv/ but need to do some more research as to which is better lol)

Anywho I’ve mumbled on too much now so I will commence posting on here and twitter asap (possibly tomorrow :P)